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Jeffrey: Just so I understand: if I were using Adelle Sans and Adelle in a layout, in theory it could be one variable font that contained the right glyphs and serifs…?

Roger: Yeah, you could have serif axes. All of this started, we saw this with Multiple Masters that Adobe did years back.

Jeffrey: Right, , 20 years ago.

Roger: Yeah. Then, right at the same time, there was a kind of untracked project called at Apple. If you look at the OS on Macs now, there’s a font called , it was based on Greek inscriptions. It’s a beautiful font, and it is actually a variable font , it was done in TrueType GX. That’s the model of what we’re doing now. When Google heard about what GX had done at Apple 20 years ago, they said, “This could be a real savings on the web!” So, Google was the big impetus to make this happen.

So, they hired our company, Type Network, to make two demo fonts, all on GitHub. If you go to GitHub and look up ICECOTTON Polo Shirt Spring/summer Zanone Aberdeen Order xrr4b
, or High-Quality Cheap Websites For Sale OffWhite space visor bag Outlet Original jHP4lO5ChS
, or if you go to the Type Network site, you can find these fonts, you can use them now, you can download them from GitHub. There’s a fairly interesting demo going on at the site. Amstelvar uses these three main axes, and it’s quite exciting. And then Decovar uses lots of others, including the way that terminals and serifs are done on the letters, and decoration inside the stems and stuff. So, it shows you what the potential of variations might be for design, it’s really quite fun. These were both done by 31 Phillip Lim Woman Twisted Striped Cotton And Silkblend Blouse Ecru Size 2 31 Phillip Lim Low Price Fee Shipping Clearance Find Great L8dELW

Jen: Well, my understanding is that, for example, if I want to use Goudy right now, if I want to go and get myself a web font, download, and use Goudy on my website, for my body copy—like, okay, cool. Oh, I’ve got some type I want to do in italics? Well, the person who maybe doesn’t know as much about what they’re doing would just say, font-style: italic; and boom, you’re done. But if you really know a lot about typesetting, you’d realize, no, we don’t want to just take the regular font and make it sideways, like slanted. We want to download the italic font because the italic font is more beautiful.

Okay, so now you’ve got two fonts: you’ve got Goudy and you’ve got Goudy Italic. But then are we going to do some bolding? Okay, we’ve got the bold. Do we need the bold italic? Okay, well that would be four. But that’s too much data, so let me just… I’m not going to use bold on my website. Okay, why? Well, ’cause. So, I’ve got Goudy, I’ve got Goudy Bold

But now I want to do my H1 headlines in Goudy, too, but I really shouldn’t just take my font that was made for 14 or 16-point type and make it 36 points, because it’s not really nearly as beautiful as if I get the Goudy Display font. So, I get Goudy Display. But do I need Goudy Display Bold? Or, actually, they have a Black and they have a Light, and they have a… You could end up with…

urlRoot model.urlRoot or model.urlRoot() Specify a urlRoot if you're using a model outside of a collection, to enable the default url function to generate URLs based on the model id. "[urlRoot]/id" Normally, you won't need to define this. Note that urlRoot may also be a function.

parse model.parse(response, options) parse is called whenever a model's data is returned by the server, in fetch , and save . The function is passed the raw response object, and should return the attributes hash to be Online Shop How Much For Sale Love Moschino Woman Leopardprint Cottonblend Velvet Slimleg Pants Animal Print Size 32 Love Moschino Where Can You Find ZiTf8J
on the model. The default implementation is a no-op, simply passing through the JSON response. Override this if you need to work with a preexisting API, or better namespace your responses.

If you're working with a Rails backend that has a version prior to 3.1, you'll notice that its default to_json implementation includes a model's attributes under a namespace. To disable this behavior for seamless Backbone integration, set:

clone model.clone() Returns a new instance of the model with identical attributes.

isNew model.isNew() Has this model been saved to the server yet? If the model does not yet have an id , it is considered to be new.

hasChanged model.hasChanged([attribute]) Has the model changed since its last set ? If an attribute is passed, returns true if that specific attribute has changed.

Note that this method, and the following change-related ones, are only useful during the course of a "change" event.

changedAttributes model.changedAttributes([attributes]) Retrieve a hash of only the model's attributes that have changed since the last set , or false if there are none. Optionally, an external attributes hash can be passed in, returning the attributes in that hash which differ from the model. This can be used to figure out which portions of a view should be updated, or what calls need to be made to sync the changes to the server.

previous model.previous(attribute) During a "change" event, this method can be used to get the previous value of a changed attribute.

previousAttributes model.previousAttributes() Return a copy of the model's previous attributes. Useful for getting a diff between versions of a model, or getting back to a valid state after an error occurs.

Collections are ordered sets of models. You can bind "change" events to be notified when any model in the collection has been modified, listen for "add" and "remove" events, fetch the collection from the server, and use a full suite of Womens Matilda Balcony Everyday Bra Lepel Free Shipping Comfortable w5a2UsnT

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, and
Brian Armstrong .
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