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by Hilda Morones
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Design basics
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Logo branding

A logo is an image that symbolizes your business. But did you know there are 7 different types of logos?

Though they’re all a combination of typographyand images, each type of logo gives your brand a different feel. And since your logo is the first thing new customers will see, you want to make sure you get it right. Wanna know how to choose the best logo type for your business? Scroll on down!

Words and letters —

IBM, CNN, HP, HBO… Noticing a pattern, yes? They’re the initialisms of a few famous businesses with rather lengthy names. With 2 or 3 words to remember, they’ve each turned to using their initials for brand-identification purposes. So it makes perfect sense for them to use monograms—sometimes called lettermark logos— to represent their organizations.

A lettermark is a typography-based logo that’s comprised of a few letters, usually a company’s initials. The lettermark is all about simplicity. By utilizing just a few letters lettermark logos are effective at streamlining any company brand if they have a long name. For example, how much easier is it to say—and remember—NASA versus the National Aeronautics and Space Administration?

Because the focus is on initials, the font you choose (or create) is very important to make sure your logo is not only on-theme with what your company does, but also legible when you print on business cards. Also, if you’re not an established business already you may want to add your full business name below the logo so people can begin to learn who you are right away.

Similar to a lettermark, a wordmark logo is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name alone. Think Visa and Coca-Cola. Wordmark logos work really well when a company has a succinct and distinct name. Google’s logo is a great example of this. The name itself is catchy and memorable so, when combined with strong typography, the logo helps create strong brand recognition.

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| 5 Min Read

Written by Nicole Denton

Insiders | 5 Min Read
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They say a diamond is forever, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a website. Back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, you were ahead of the game as a company if you simply had a website.

Today, your company doesn’t just need a needs a well-designed, easily navigable, engaging website that meets the needs of your customers and your business alike.

According to Stanford University , 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website. And have I mentioned that website technology is evolving at record speeds?

Here are 10 reasons it may be time to update your corporate website.

1) It Doesn’t Work Well on Mobile

According toSmart Insights, over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device, and when it comes to local searches, more than half are performed on mobile devices.In the United States, a whopping 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device. If these stats tell you anything, it’s that the world has gone mobile, and if your website isn’t optimized, it’s officially time for a responsive re-design.

over 20% more than half

I wrote all about the 5 reasons why you need to make your website responsive in 2014 on the Pyxl blog, but the key is this: user experience on your site can make or break your business, and you don’t want to lose market share to the competition simply because you were slow to adapt to mobile browsing trends.

On the plus side, according to Cheap Store Fashion Style Chloé crochet panel dress Cheap Price From China Buy Cheap Excellent HYOTZGV
, 62% of companies that designed a website with mobile in mind saw increased sales, so going responsive is a win-win!

2) It’s in Flash

If your site’s still in Flash, I hate to tell you, but it’s been outdated for the past 5+ years. Not only do iPhone and iPad not support Flash, but search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can’t read it, which means it’s terrible for search engine optimization. In addition, users have to install a plugin (and make sure they have the latest version) to see it, which really detracts from user experience. Flash is difficult to use, difficult to create and difficult to maintain.

Luckily, those who love the look of animations now have HTML5 at their disposal. Developers no longer have to rely on Flash to create interactive, animated features, and the best part is that HTML5is compatible with all browsers and smartphones.

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By Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Bobby Scott

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All around the country, child care workers get up every morning and go to their jobs where they care for, inspire and help raise our youngest learners. They teach our kids how to read, how to hold a pencil, how to take turns and share with their classmates, how to resolve disagreements and so much more.

And yet, at the end of a long, tiring, often thankless day, so many of these professionals go home only to worry about how they will make ends meet.

They are not alone. For too long, education has been put on the back burner: As budgets are slashed in states across the country, too many schools are crumbling, too many students are using old and worn supplies, and too many teachers are not getting paid what they should be for the work they do. It’s encouraging to see teachers across the country organizing and using their voices to stand together with their unions and demand the tools, and the pay, they need to help our students succeed — and it’s up to all of us, at every level of government, to show that we have their backs. That’s true in K-12 education, which is getting a lot of attention right now, but early childhood educators and child care workers are still being left behind too.

The average child care worker makes a little over $10 an hour, or about $22,290 a year. While the majority of these professionals are low-income women of color with a high school diploma, some have a two-year or even four-year degree — but still many are forced to supplement their salaries with public assistance. When these child care workers are unable to make ends meet, many leave for better-paying jobs in K-12 schools or elsewhere. As a result, our youngest learners and their parents pay the price.

We know the benefits of high-quality early learning and care. The right start in education can lead to a wide range of short- and long-term benefits. Children who have access to high-quality early learning and care are more likely to perform better in school and make more money later in life, and are less likely to commit crimes. Nations across the globe see the same evidence and invest in early childhood education. In the United States, however, too many families struggle to find high-quality care — and those that do often cannot afford the skyrocketing costs. Investing in our youngest learners and the teachers who care for them is not only the right thing to do, it is a smart investment for our economy and our future.

That is why, last year, we introduced the Child Care for Working Families Act. Our bill ensures that no family has to pay more than they can afford on child care. It also prepares our youngest learners for success in kindergarten and beyond by expanding access to high-quality preschool for low- and middle-income 3- and 4-year-olds. Finally, to ensure that we are attracting and keeping the very best, our bill would provide child care professionals and preschool teachers with better training and a livable wage.

This bill has broad support in Congress and from parents, teachers and child care workers around the country. We have 30 co-sponsors in the Senate, over 120 co-sponsors in the House and over 40,000 petitions of support from working families.

Just last month, we passed a bipartisan government funding bill with the largest increase ever for child care and a significant increase for Head Start. This is a strong step in the right direction, but our work is not done.

We will keep fighting until the Child Care for Working Families Act is law, and high-quality child care and early learning for all is a reality.

Every young learner deserves affordable, high-quality education

Perhaps nothing has brought this more into focus than recent controversy over the Trump administration’s policy of family separation. Although President Trump recently put a temporary halt to the practice through an executive order, nearly 2,500 children have been separated from their families over the past two months and are now being detained in facilities spanning at least 15 states. According to government Shipping Discount Sale New Cheap Online Gloria Coelho knit jumper Big Discount Get The Latest Fashion 100% Authentic Cheap Online UcRgi7KoGF
, roughly 12,000 migrant children overall are currently being held in over 100 facilities across the country, many of which are at or exceed their designated capacities, and some of which are facing allegations of abuse and misconduct , not to mention ill-equipped to handle the mental health, welfare, and legal hurdles these children face.

Action at Eloy Detention Center, Arizona ( SOA Watch via Flickr )

As a result, the nation’s sprawling—and expanding—carceral archipelago has now become a major source of political, ethical, and moral debate. 

As with the vast for-profit prison system, there are many questions about the ethical and moral implications of designing and constructing these facilities. So far, however, the architectural profession is staying mostly out of the fray, with a few exceptions.

Last week, The Architecture Lobby ( ) and Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility ( 2018 Newest DRESSES Kneelength dresses Imp Deluxe Best Place For Sale 84G8OKtyn
) issued a joint statement rejecting the role of architects in designing such detention facilities, stating, “The Architecture Lobby and ADPSR call on architects, designers, planners and allied professionals to refuse to participate in the design of any immigration enforcement infrastructure, including but not limited to walls, checkpoints, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices, detention facilities, processing centers, or juvenile holding centers. We encourage owners, partners and employees who find themselves in practices that engage in this work to organize, and deny their labor to these projects.”

The statement came as the American Institute of Architects ( ) held its annual convention in New York City, an event that was marked with a heavy emphasis on the profession’s attempts to overcome the diversity and inclusion hurdles currently faced by the white- and male-dominated profession.

It was not long ago that the association x South Park Mr Hankey Long Sleeve TShirt With Pocket In White White HUF Footlocker Pictures For Sale TgDIbJv
following the 2016 national election, when AIA CEO Robert Ivy declared that AIA members “stand ready to work” with Trump toward shared goals like infrastructure investments.

During last week’s conference, ADPSR attempted to get AIA leadership to endorse its rejection of detention center projects, an effort that was ultimately unsuccessful,though the group is still working to convince the AIA to adpot its position. Raphael Sperry, president of ADPSR, told The Architect’s Newspaper, “People should recognize that immigrants, including currently undocumented people in the United States, contribute greatly to architecture, and always have. There are immigrant and undocumented architects, builders, carpenters, plumbers, welders. We must recognize and respect the contributions of everyone who shapes the built environment, and ensure that our profession and our broader industry respect human rights for everyone.”

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